Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Linked Chain Chainring Stall

This is sick, click on the image for largeness.  The clip is below, after Colt Fakes' part.  Banned 3 is raw!


  1. You post the sickest BMX videos.
    Colt constantly reminds me of the resilience of the human body.
    Second dude reminds me how ridiculously gnarly any BMX kid I've me is.
    Love Pat King's name in green at the beginning of his section.
    Digging your blog.

  2. Man, thanks a lot. Im just trying to expose people to the sickness out there, while also archiving the things that i am into.

  3. what woul you call the trick at 2:54?
    i've seen it done a bunch by lamarche and such but i want to find out what to call it and learn to do it.

  4. wallride-tire slide@8:30 soooo slick

  5. Its a wall ride to fakie, bro. Because of how large our wheel base is, its hard to do from flat gorund...