Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No, Cogs and Chainrings Don't Look Sick On Clothing

Yeah yeah, of course there are exceptions, in any situation, but I am speaking on a general basis.  Personally, I am really sick of seeing fixed gear clothes with lame ass cogs, rings, and chains all over them.  Or, some weird fixed gear specific gestures or culture reference that no one else will ever understand.  As a growing sport, I feel that we should at least become a little more mature and create clothing, designs, logos, that are aesthetically pleasing (subjective of course), as a pose to throwing all these parts and references on ever shirt just because we use them on a day to day bases.  In any other extreme sport or culture, you rarely see reference to the items to which the company is representing, it's more about how sick something can look.  I can list of at least 40 companies that make awesome logos, and prints for their clothes, but are not so tunnel visionally focused on letting the whole world know "my company is a skate company"  or bike, surf, blade, company for that matter.

Things should stretch out a little more, get creative with this stuff.  Make prints that surprise people and allow them to wear the shirt out beyond the point of just riding.

I once read an article about this blade company, 4x4 urethane (a wheel company), and one of the creative minds behind the clothing said something similar to this, "When I design shirts, I want them to be sick, I don't care whether or not people know that these are blading shirts, I just want the prints to be insane.  Years from now, when someone walks into a thrift store and sees my shirt, I would like them to be like "wow this is sick, I'm getting it".

Below are a phew shirts that sparked my interest in fabricating this write up.  These are some shirts that left me saying, "man, i wish that more of the clothing surrounding fixed gear, was this rad."

1.  Creatures Skateboards (Skate)
2.  4x4 Urethane (Rollerblade)
3.  Subrosa BMX (BMX)

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