Friday, August 6, 2010

Grime Sup Mang Proto

The Sup Mang is the 700c version of the Yo Mang. This frame is seriously the sickest one that I have ever ridden! I haven't done any serious gaps with it yet, but ive done everything else. Im so into this! I hopped onto my first real handicap rail tonight while chilling with Tom and slid it a few times. Im so stoked on the negative BB drop, true double peg or pegless (of course) action is there! Light weight, compact geometry, snug rear end, fast response time, and killer lady curves. Im down.

On a side note, I would recommend that you ride a minimum of 170mm cranks, and 3'' rise bars at least, to get the most shredability out of your grime joint. I have 175 cranks on and 3.5" rise bars, but im going to mess around with different bars to see what i like most.

Thanks to Krillz, Lance , Alex, Mike, and Ed for supporting me and hooking it up solid.

More photos here.


  1. you guys are always leading the way into new territories, I love it!

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  2. Look sweet!!!
    Just a question, can you really barspin with such cranks lenght and so wide bars?
    I've tryed the saddle and foung it slippery on the back when backwards... Do you confirm?
    Enjoy your ride!

  3. THAT THING LOOKS DOPE! i like that you re not doing pegs.

  4. I dont throw barspins anymore, but when i did them on eds bike recently i did slip with that saddle, but i think that once you get comfy you should be good with floating them instead of pinching the seat.

    My Yowellis are cut 2" or so.

  5. Seriously cant wait to see this thing in action.

  6. the half and half colors look awesome. also, what type of stem is that?

  7. whats the rear tire clearance on this?

  8. Please let me know radio of rear wheel center hub to foor

  9. What Fork are u runing?