Sunday, May 9, 2010

Untitled Nasty K@nt Edit!

Man. Kareem sent me this and I immediatly got hyped before i even watched it and thats because Nasty never lets me down with his riding! This dude totally kills it, and with his own individuality! He really did the first fixed tire slide at 12 seconds!? Fuck the duplicating! If you think about it the stuff in here is pretty chill, but it still grabs attention, thats when you know someone has skill. They don't have to huck themselves they just chill and wreck everyone, hahaa. This is sick!  

Here is a photo that goooove08 took of Nasty blasting that gap in the edit.

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  1. How come nobody commented this? So fluid and quick precise! Nasty is easily one of the top five best freestyle fixed riders.period. And he's smoother than anybody out there. That bike is soo sick. But didn't antonyo do a tire slide in that edit before mwm?not sure if you gotta hop to consider it one

  2. solid comment.

    well a proper tire slide usually consists of hopping and sliding your rear end over the obstacle while your front is off the ground.