Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome To Raw Meat, Meet Grime St

There is too much goodies in here to be specific, but you know you have something to say after watching this. If not a lot, then a little, haha. Man, Mike, this shit is nuts! I wish my upward stair-ride was in there, but its all good. Those three or four days were real sick, damn. Grime St. Mike Schmitt, Ed Wonka, Joey Krillz. Coming soon. Well, there ya have it.


  1. This is the shit... I really like the way you guys are pushing it.
    A little out of topic.. I just ordered a Kilroy in size 52. I'm 5'8 so that will be the right size right just kind of got nervous. Thanks for all your help answering questions.. keep it real..and go big!