Friday, February 12, 2010

The Grime Weekend

Mike's cast

Keep stacked, bring your own goods.

Our I.D.s, lookin young and mad

Mike sanding his cast after breaking pieces of it off while killing it this weekend.

Mike Schmitt came up to NYC, and stayed here for 4 days, to work some flip magic with Wonka and Krillz.  They are starting a company together.  Grime will bring some new shit to the table.  From what I've seen, things will be solid.  Nothing is up on the site yet, but a splashy, be on the look out though.

We all went out to film for like 3 days, until the blizzard came.  Wonka went all out, and put everyone to shame.  So gnar.  Mike had his cast on and still did shit that I have never seen.  I was in school a lot, but skipped classes to try and get some clips.  I slacked pretty hard on this joint, but hey, its all good.  The first Grime edit should be up by the end of this weekend.  


  1. LAWAYNE!!!!! im gonna take all yer ID numbers and steal yer credit

  2. lawayne, damn. so good. how did i not notice that.

    i will re capture those 2 clips i missed and throw em in the wrawh / rva fixed edit.