Monday, December 28, 2009

Death Pedal 2 Filming Wit Congo

Congo is a sick dude.  He has been getting me super stoked to ride lately.  Here are a phew photos from Kareem's recent trip to San Diego, filming for DP2, obviously, hahaa.  I am not even going to mention how much I think that you guys should cop this video when it comes out.  I will just let the premiers speak for themselves, or something.

Nice 11, there.  Kareem is rockin the super 8.  Dope.

Congo's signature air.

Livin dat whip life.

All photos by Matt Lingo


  1. yeee! congos was killin it in sf when i last saw him, got me pumped for sure.

    thanks for the love on vimeo torey

  2. No problem dude. You rip for sure.

  3. that tailwhip looks so rad