Monday, August 17, 2009

WRAHW Product Review: Alex G6000 Cross Rims

I was referred to these rims by John Prolly a while back, and at first, I didn't really know what to think.  At the time John was going through a lot of rims, most of which he thought were awesome while they lasted, so i figured that maybe these would be another set of rims like this.  Once I broke my Deep Vs I was really fed up with wheels, and figured, why not try some Alex rims out.  My first thought while purchasing these was, man, "these are pretty light weight on my Pockets".  I am pretty sure that I only spent $46 on a set of these in 36h, from Ben's Cycle.  So, first off, I was really stoked on that part of things.

After I rode on the rims for a phew weeks without truing them, and they were still solid, I was pretty much sold.  I have a heavy interest in gaps, and drops, for they are the only things, next to riding super fast in NYC traffic, that make me feel sort of gnar.  Tech and creativity is, nice but there is a different feeling involved.  So, with my addiction at hand, I continued to try and focus these rims.  It never happened.  I bought these about four months ago, and they are still holding up great.  

A lot of people have problems with their larger tires poppin of the bead, or becoming unseated in the rim.  This has not happened to me but maybe once, and I ride 35c tires.  These rims are double walled which supposedly makes the wheels stronger, so thats obviously nice.  Since I moved back home for the summer, here in GA, I have not trued these wheels at all, and I have been here for almost four months.  These bad girls are still spinning pretty straight.

As far as aesthetics go, the machined walls are sort of unflattering, but its nothing that you cant get used to, especially considering the performance of these joints.  The decals are sort of bold and flashy as well, but you can easily remove them and goo gone them down, leaving them pretty much solid black.
I am not the only ones feeling Alex g6000s.  Many heavy hitters in the sport rock/rocked these on their setups at one point, such as Tony Fast, John Prolly, and a phew others.  A interesting fact that I found a ways back is that the Charge rims are actually Alex g6000s that are stripped and polished, so secretly (or maybe not) Super Ted, and Tom both ride these rims.  

Overall, I am totally satisfied with these wheels.  They are the best that I have ever ridden, hands down.  Sadly, I dont know where to purchase them, at the moment.  Ben's had them, but they are sold out, most likely due to the massive interest in these wheels.  If you do find a set, snag them quick, and maybe you will be as happy as I am with them.

Tony Fast's MKE Protype.

Tom's old Plug setup with Charge rims.

My Take "Streaker" prototype.

John's old MKE prototype.


  1. how big of tires do you think you can get on these?


  3. Hey man i just got some of thees what would be the fattest tyres i could get on thees?

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  7. I recently bought one of these rims to replace a Bontrager rim on my Trek FX 7.4 After riding 700 miles on the new bike, I was popping spokes like crazy. I'm a big guy - about 288 lbs. So far the Alex G6000 is holding up well. It's pretty stiff - kind of refreshing... Trek actually let me return the Bontrager under warranty which was pretty cool...

    1. That was a rear wheel by the way... The front Bontrager is holding up okay. I figured you'd assume that but still thought it worth mentioning.

  8. I chose the G6000 36H for my touring front to match durability with an NOS Alessa XPlorer rim - they were more popular in Euro market, but shop owner gave a sweetheart deal. The touring setup I wanted included DT Swiss on XT hubs, and with a R rim for practically free (!��!) that left me with building up the front, so I invested some time scanning extrusion profiles. Nearest neighbour to the Xplorer seemed to be the Alex. Every ride gives me such good feedback, on road/off road, laden with 50lbs or with empty racks, these wheels don't slow me down until I touch the brake levers. Wear on the machined rimwalls is consistent (using cantis with medium density Jagwire shoes) and shows no signs for concern. 3000+ kilometers since July, though it's not my primary ride, it's my favourite. Frame is another orphan product, the Pākē C'mute. Chose it over the obvious Surly options because I liked the welds better.
    Picking up more of those Alex rimssoon for my disk-equipped cyclocross rig. Strong, but with a supple feel, and not cost-prohibitive to build multiple wheelsets for rainy days.