Saturday, August 15, 2009

Death Pedal 2 filming in ATL

I went to Atlanta for the weekend to film the rest (pretty much unless ...) of my part with Kareem.  This video is going to be really surprising to a lot of people I think.  Ive heard crazy stories about everyone else's stuff.  I am beyond stoked.

Kareem is such a gnarly dude.  He lent me his secondary camera to take back with me to NYC this week.  i will be filming the majority of Wonkas part, and i already called him, and he is soooo hyped for all of this.  

Kareem, thanks for everything  man. 


  1. I see you hit up the locally made skate park under the bridge in east Atlanta. That spot is rad, we held the second skid row there. Death Pedal 2 is going to be sic.