Friday, July 24, 2009

Welcome to WRAHW!

This is WRAHW, pronounced (raw), ha. The name is based off of the idea of shitty minimalist design, paired with heavy weighted amounts of straight forward hype. Here I will attempt to bring subject matter to the freestyle fixed community that is exciting, new, inspiring, or just flat out sick. Whether these subjects are fixed gear specific, or on the far fringes of that, WRAHW will bring you a good grip of entertainment surrounding the sport of freestyle fixed. There are so many fixed gear specific situations, and a small handful of them are interesting, but seemingly, the rest just follow all of the others. There are certain things that we as an up and coming sport, should cover as a community, but this does not necessarily happen. Hopefully WRAHW, with the help of some others, can bring in this missing link. There are a lot of ideas on the horizon, we will see what happens.


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