Friday, July 24, 2009

Justin Ave's 180 tire grabs

Justin Ave is this guy from Seattle who pops up every now and then with some pretty sick stuff.  He usually lays pretty low, which keeps a lot of us wanting to see more of his riding.  Here are two photos that I found a while ago on flickr.  I was really surprised when they hadn't popped up all over the web, for these two images, shot by Ryan Azucena, are beautiful and full of proper energy.  I can't remember if I talked to Justin first hand about this or not, but I recall the first time that I heard that he was doing these, I found the photos soon after.  I was hyped up on the images to the point where the aesthetics of them forced me to go out and learn this trick.

Hopefully we can see some more riding from Justin very soon.  The dude rips pretty solid.

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  1. nice.. we're supposed to film tomarrow, so maybe some more from justin soon..