Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sliden Over A Dare

I don't know how to do tire slides, but i will definitely learn.  They are sick as fuck!  Listen closely, the first person who does a tire slide on an object (fixed of course) and sends me the clip, I will send you a package with stickers and a custom made WRAHW shirt.  You will be the only one with it.

The below videos posses some really sick tire slides.


  1. i kind of get what your going for, and they would be way ill but explain what would separate this from a skid across an object...
    the fixed aspect makes this difficult to envision haha

  2. a skid is just locking the wheel up, which is part of what has to be done to produce this trick. The next part is to bunny hop over the object and table top your bike so that you can skim the surface, as seen above. It will be attempted soon, trust me, as soon as i get some photos/footage I will post it.

  3. sounds ill.
    cant wait to see it.
    meanwhile i'll see if i can attempt it myself haha

  4. it looks like when they do it, it's almost like using the sidewall instead of the tread.. am i seeing it wrong?

  5. Nope, you are just right, although, they can be done either way. The side wall is, of course, smoother than the tread, so it would be more easier I imagine. Well, once you get your bike table topped that is...