Thursday, November 1, 2012

Some Randoms

Well as some of you may know.  The North East has been going through some pretty unusual weather.  Manhattan was flooded pretty properly and is still in some wildness with no power from 34th street down. Brooklyn, however is pretty normal.  Its weird, the week when tons of people have no power the stolen internet that Im using works very well.  Shady coincidences.  Here are just few images of or related to the famz that Iv'e found around the web.  Even with all this water around us, don't give in to norms man, stay wet.

This is Gus in his natural state, or something.

Colin survived the storm in Baltimore by building this make shift barricade to keep the water out of his house which is actually pretty clever.  You see more of his flicks over on Balhogs.

This is Antonyo and I from a few weeks ago when I was out in Long Beach.  The clips that he stacked for our video are so ahead of my minds understanding.  He told me that the face that he is making is Korea's version of the duck face that girls do in photos over here in the states.

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