Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baja Men: Sam Hanson

_DSC8006 _DSC7834 So I guess this is the first official “guest” post on the Wrahw blog, and I found it fitting to use this photo of the recently sworn in member of the Wrahw bloodfam: Sam Hanson bucking over this jersey barrier with room to spare. To put it simply, Sam is a super nice guy and a sick dude all around. I had the opportunity to spend some time with him, Colin, Tom, and Torey when we tripped up to the Great white north to ride with the Toronto dudes. Within that time I got to witness first hand Sam fall and get back up again constantly getting the shit beat out of him as he was filming for his solo edit. He’s easily one of the most insane riders to witness first hand. Not to mention he can hop higher than pretty much anyone on a fixed gear. I think secretly he enjoys the scrapes since he eats his scabs, but overall I think its safe to say he’s got some real thick baltimore blood in him, he goes all out and rides fast as fuck as you may have noticed in his latest edit for hold fast. Sam embodies everything wild, shit that’s either stupid big or so creative it fucked your head up a little bit. You could definitely say he fully embraces the Baja spirit, hopefully we’ll see some more stuff of him in the near future.   - Rick Anderson

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