Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Richard Anderson Photo Op

Well Rick is a good friend of ours and he is pretty much the closest thing to the official WRAHW photographer that we have, if there were one. Every now and then there will be posts like this. Most likely he will end up posting his own write ups about his images on here in the future as well. 7596241474_ac8906f2ce_b Rick got a new medium format camera and things like this definitely help me understand why he doesn't give a fuck about instigram. 7594946784_2e0edb707c_b Tom's wearing the WW BB17 collaboration T that you can pick up here. 7594946660_8424d82560_b As pro as pro gets as some would say. This is a dad sized three right here. There is definitely something in the Delco water or some shit... Look at Murder filming with his work shirt on. Go to Ricks flickr to view this as big as your computer will allow.


  1. murders got a nice ass mm mm love 2 b his charmin ultra for a day

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