Monday, June 25, 2012

Oscar Randomly Showed Up

OScar Came To NYC I was on the phone this morning talking to Tom when my buzzer rang and I heard Oscar say "Hey its Oscar". I couldn't believe what was happening. Oscar randomly traveled across America to my front door without even telling me. It was a sick surprise. When I sat down and talked to Oscar after freaking out for a while he told me that he and a friend from LA car shared with a random to Las Vegas and met some weird gambling dude who gave Oscy $20 worth of chips for him to use for casino gambling. Oscar won $360 first try and left for Denver where he then took the Greyhound to NYC. Insane. Today we just rode around and got rained on. 2012-06-25_14-09-33_803 2012-06-25_17-06-24_813 Watch this again until we get some other stuff going.

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