Thursday, May 17, 2012

Toronto Baha Bash

c87440109b9411e1989612313815112c_7 Just got back from a trip up to Toronto with some of the boys. We all got funky and had a wild time. Thanks to Tom Briggs and Finn Zygowski for giving us places to lay our smelly bodies. Wicked. In the flick above we hadn't picked up Rick Anderson from the airport yet. 544828_10151715778045156_896610155_24357714_945940524_n This was the general crew that we rolled with minus a few dudes. Briggs is behind the lens on this and all the black and white photos. 556849_10151715798710156_896610155_24357778_268093443_n mail 149342_10151721083455156_896610155_24382797_632433661_n Pranks galore. mail-1 Wild setups. 529931_10151721050490156_896610155_24382603_498618689_n When your teeth need to be scraped you'll do it in front of 7 Eleven, even. mail-2 Cool coincidences. Sam was wearing his Vampy as underwear... mail-3 mail-4 We found the Shire, as Colin might say. All of the real action photos are saved for better purposes but you will see some footage and stuff popping up sooner than later. Loud shouts to Skitch and GWN.


  1. Loved having you guys stay an ride up here, your welcome anytime.

  2. TOREY! I'm coming down there to NYC real soon buddy! Great seeing all you dudes.

  3. Should have came to the American side we have some dirt trails and some cools spots!