Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fam Updates

Untitled So if you pay attention to what goes on over here even the slightest bit you will know that we have added a few new friends to the blood fam. I haven't updated the list on the side but in terms of posting, and media, brothas are running all over. Murder B is a nutcase thats been repping WRAHW for a good lil bit. He's our flow assassin and also holds it down with one of the best twittwats in the game. Our boy Colin has been on the bro flow for a while and has held true to being a good old weirdo. After hanging with him pretty tough over the past year I figured it was time that he be a full fledge insayno. He's working on his official welcome edit so really look out for that. Lastly, a grip of us just got back from a trip up to Toronto and while on that trip Sam Hanson completely murdered things. I cant begin to explain how brutal Sam is, with one of the sickest attitudes ever. His addidtion to the family has bee brewing for a while and finally the deals sealed. Brotheren unite. Shits going to be fun.

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