Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WRAHW Interview: Murder B. & Five Hour Energy Hummus Moisture


Almost two years ago Murder hit me up about coming to NYC and was wandering if he could stay at my house. I am generally pretty wary about having random people come into my home, but I met Murder that past winter at the first Midwest Mayhem (where he proved to have no interest in saving his body from being pulverized, throwing himself off everything) and he was definitely a character that I didn't mind hanging around. So, after keeping in touch and chatting every now and then on the web I decided that he probably wont kill me in my sleep, although with the name Murder most people may assume otherwise, so I went through with letting him crash in the cave. Within that weekend or so that I hung out with him I quickly realized that this dude was a weirdo just like me, sometimes wearing obnoxious clothing that may hurt peoples eyes and minds alike, but overall having mostly good intentions. This past summer is when I really got to understand what Murder was about. He stayed on my couch for a week and ate Humus and Peta bread, while listening to psychotic shrill tunes and occasionally messing around on the bike. Murder may come off pretty twisted to some, and maybe even a little mouthy and blunt, but its all a game. Sickos unite.

WW: How old are you, where are you from, and what is your real name?
Murder: In human years, I am 20 years old, from Miami, and my real name is Louden Swain. No, it's actually Wyler Bennett. I'm just fucking with ya, it's Dake Tabecard. For real though, it's Bobby Dodd.

How many years have you been riding fixed freestyle? What activities did you do before riding?
I've been riding freestyle for about two years I think, but I just learned how to bunnyhop properly this summer. Before freestyle I jibbed on a board a little bit, not really though. And if you really wanna know, I played Lacrosse in 8th grade, football and track and field in 7th and 6th grade, I took guitar lessons in 5th grade, and I did gymnastics for most of elementary school, along with soccer.

You left Chicago and now is living in Gainesville, right? How is the scene there in terms of, riding, food, music, clothing finds?
Spots are pretty mild. There's some people that ride here, including Miles obviously, that are all drippers. Food is awesome for a small town, but a little overpriced. Music actually has really cool stuff going on. Clothing wise, it's ruff.

murda flyin
This flick was Shot by Kevin "Shakes" O'Meara at last years MWM2, where Murder placed first in the B class for being an insayno.

What are your outlooks on riding, generally, and then specifically spot wise? What are you interested in pursuing or achieving personally through shredding?
I wanna damage myself and my surroundings. I like spots that are around interesting things, or look interesting. I don't wanna hang out at a curb in a parking lot, or a super clean skatepark in suburbia, and I don't wanna watch anyone else ride those spots either.....California.

I wish that you filmed more because you are a nut case and generally try really wild stuff. I asked you to just setup a flip cam and film yourself since you have little to know people to document your insanity, but you are sort of against the aesthetic of flip cams. Can you elaborate on all of this?
I'm actually really bummed I haven't gotten anything out yet, I'm hoping to have an edit out before 4/20. I have this camera that records onto 8mm tape, but it keeps giving me problems, which sucks cause the quality is perfect. I can't really explain why I don't like flips. I just think it looks like garbage. Quality doesn't necessarily correlate with the clarity of the image.

A drawing done by the man himself.

You have a wild tolerance for pain, i remember asking you about this when you first came to New York. How do you fall so hard sometimes and move yourself to get up and try again? Are you slightly a masochist?
I've watched The Crow a lot. Also, blood is a liquid, and I'll do anything to get wet.

People say that it's cold in Chicago more than not, but the spots are insane. How was the riding like out there and why did you leave?
I definitely prefer an urban landscape, but the cold wasn't very cool. It sucks when you're stuck in your room for months. That's when Branden Lee helped me out the most.

Last time I talked to you you were thinking about moving to Tokyo?
Japan seems really cool to me, but I don't think I'll actually end up there. My lease is up in august. I don't usually plan that far ahead, but I'm sure I'll move onto bigger and wetter things.

Do you still ride in combat boots?
I wear my Docs almost every day, but I generally don't ride in them, unless I'm riding to my 9-5 job in a steel factory where I work just to scrape by on my meager salary so that I can eat and write songs about it in my band that I'm in with Tom LaMarche, who's a true American skinhead hero. Tell the girls at Urban Outfitters I said sup.

I know that you are a music nerd, which isnt a bad thing at all. What sorts of tunes are you listening to lately?
My last.fm says my top artists for the last 7 days are Bastard Deceiver, Culo, Zyanose, Kremlin, Descendents, Crazy Spirit, Nerveskade, and Minor Threat. Don't ever call me a nerd again.

What do you do when you aren't riding, especially in lil ol Gainesville?
Slurp shit. Surf the stellar swell, cruise the cosmic crest. Contact the Mothership. Get wet.

You sent me a photo of you dressed up with this sick Bladerunnesque eye makeup on. Do you dress up in your free time and play online RPGs?
Sounds like some nerd shit.

No nerd life for you. Whats a movie that you could consider one of your favorites?
Funny games

Woah thats a good one. The original or the remake?
The remake because I speak English.

Why are you vegan, and what food do you generally eat, I remember you eating tons of Humus at my house this summer?
I wasn't really gonna answer this question, but I guess I will. There's a lot more to it, but basically, I think animals have every right to live that we do. Just by being alive you're entitled to a right to live, isn't that what human society is based on? Just because animals can't speak doesn't mean they don't feel or have less right to live. And unless you're some religious freak that thinks animals aren't living, but were put here as objects for our use, there's no reason to eat them, especially in 2012. And I'm not trying to dry anyone out here, because I know most fixed gear ghouls eat meat, but it's something I feel pretty strongly about. I actually only eat hummus.

How was your trip to Europe this past summer and what did you do? I saw clips of you in one of the Ninja Cats joints?
Europe was OK. I'd like to go back. I was trying to get to Transylvania, but the bloodsuckers in Paris got all my money. Riding with the NinjaCats guys in London was fun. Big shout out to Sol and his Mum for basically letting me live at their place for a week.

Any shout outs or thank you's that you want to put on blast? Sponsors?
Thanks to Wrahw, anyone who tries to have an original thought, and of course all of my sponsors for keeping me comfortable when I ride, getting me what I need, Mountain Dew, Oakley, Redbull, Skullcandy, 5 Hour Energy, Dakine, Monster, Northface, Bawls, The Gap, and Oury.


  1. May i ask how do you have so many sponsors if you just learned to bunny hop?

  2. That was a typo. Bobby (Murder) mumbles a lot. What he actually said was, "money hop".