Monday, January 23, 2012

Balhogs Ingot wax


So Sam and Colin have been prototyping this wax since way before winter, when it was smooth and luscious outside, and now they have come up with what they feel is a close to perfect formula. There have been some random fixed companies popping up out of nowhere who also sell wax, but after close examination, im pretty sure that they didn't put as much time and consideration into the compound as did the Balhogs boys. Anyone can melt down dollar store candles and put them in ice cube trays, but this is clearly something more than that.

Here is what the boys have to say about the Ingot bar,
'formulated and forged in house, Balhogs Ingot Wax provides the perfect formula for surface coverage and slide without flaking or crumbling. Featuring a dual texture heads and tails design with the classic BH and pig emblem in relief.
.25 lbs
3.75" x 2.75" x .75"

Comes in red and raw. There will be a WW BH mash up wax birthed in the near future, which should be insane as well. Represent real deal shit.
Snag, snag, snag!


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