Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fivezers With Antonyo Wothe


Name five reasons to live in Milwaukee
  • -Sobelmans
    -Jeffrey Dahmer
    -Drew Triplett
    -Lake Michigan

    Five reasons to leave
    -Freezing tempatures
    -"Brew City"
    -Not California
    -Lake Michigan

    Top five foods
    -Double Sobelman
    -Raspberry Sundae
    -Kopps Double Cheese w/ the works
    -Peach Tea
    -Orange juice

    Five tunes
    -Nights in White Satin, The Moody Blues
    -Mutiny!, Set Your Goals
    -Goodbye Horses, Q Lazzarus
    -Skate and Annoy, Kids Like Us
    -Forgive me, City and Colour

    -dead people
    -sparkler bomb

    Where are five places that you would like to visit?

    What are five things that you think about when the word Call Of Duty comes to mind?
    -chopper gunner
    -turtle beach
    -host migration

    Top five spots in Milwaukee
    -riverside ledges
    -miad spot
    -chase ledges
    -4 SEASONS

    Give me five murder weapons
    -ballistic knives
    -bowling ball
    -sparkler bomb
    -my front peg

Been traveling and riding and forgot to post this lil deal. Wish that I could have stayed in Milwaukee longer with my brotha.

Rick Anderson hooked the sick photo up. Thanks a lot man.

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