Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hurley Rain Hider

While Tom and I were out in Long Beach staying at our boy Matt's house, we all headed to the Hurley Warehouse skatepark one day to get out of the damp doom. Thanks Brad for the connect.

Riders: Tom Lamarche, Matt Spencer, Corey San Agustin, Brad Parker, Torey Thornton

Tunes: Neil Young - Southern Man


  1. What bars are Tom running? Are those new?

  2. I'm running the new wrahw bars, 5.69 rise 45 wide made out of triple 69 heat treated alloy.

  3. Umm No There Called long dicks From Wrahw 8 rise 66 Widw And made out of Plastic

  4. Whys wonka not in the "fam" anymore? and i heard you dont ride for Grime anymore either