Sunday, January 16, 2011

The "Unofficial" Grime Store Opening

The Grime cover looks brutal! Tons of heads dropped by and hung out. Of course im not naming them all, but it was sick to see you dudes!

Papa Krillz always holding down the fort. He put mad work into the spot.

Sadio Hubs 14mm on deck

Donge and the Sadio Bikes homies. There are so many parts in the works.

You know that I got my hands on the Grime Gang GOAT (Guru Of All Trades) back patch. Not for sale, family only. Duh.

Mike drove way out from Cali, after shredding out there for weeks, just to be here on time for the secret opening. Radical.

Of course people got there eat on.

Leaf Chang, owner and head gnar over at Demons NYC

This is Mikes new 27.2 Sadio pivotal seat post, uncut. I thought that it was ironic and reminiscent of all the track stylists out there.

The Ed, hanging loose and staying floaty. Happy to be back home in the real mans den.

Mike's way down. Beer runnin for life of course. All of Grime is back in the NY and stoked.

Last night was the "unofficial" Grime Store opening meaning only family and close affiliates were really notified of the deal. Everything looks really good, and there is a couch in there which is what I really wanted to see in the shop more than anything else. I will be chilling in here very often, and this is going to be the main hide out spot from the blistering heat during the summer. There will be quility images and all that sutff showing up eventually but as I said this wasn't the real deal opening so... Even though I was too busy running around getting loud, I had to throw up our camy phone photos just to give ya some foggy glasses to look into the shop with. Lots of things are in the works with the Grime and the store front will be housing some limited edition WRAHW goods along with tons of other products from Sadio Bikes, Thunderkill, Zlog, and Demons, to name a few. If you are around drop by. Juiced.

More camy snags here.


  1. now i officialy need to go to nyc for spring break

  2. Good coverage man. GOAT Crew!

  3. dope! good spot.
    got a bunch of shots from opening at create2destroy