Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Derek Nelson Doc/Interview

Derek Nelson is one of the gnarliest dudes in bmx. A lot of people don't know abut him due to his beliefs on staying way under the radar, but his new TREE edits opened up a lot of eyes. Most probably don't give a fuck about his riding, due to their tunnel vision idiocy and discrimination towards individualism, but I think that its way sick. The shredding combined with one of the best interviews that I have read in while, makes him a definite favorite. Get wrecked!


  1. That was the most refreshing 15 minutes of my day. It's pretty sick to see people doing some things that I have never even imagined like Derek. Knowing that there are people out there like him, that are ripping like no one else really gets me pumped. I'm not saying that I'm not down with the mainstream BMX, but this is just so much more entertaining.

    He seems like a really cool dude. Living off the land, taking it back to the roots... Really inspiring, and makes me wanna get out an ride. Thanks for getting this up, Torey.

  2. He's living out kids dreams of making really cool Legit stuff out of what he has and what he can find and making it work. Its pretty mind boggling if you really think about it

  3. fucking awesome. this guy is easily one of the most down to earth people not only in bmx but just in general. Thats why I got into making things. making shit that is solid and good and creative.

    Definitely got me stoked to go do some work up at the spot later this week. We should try and make a trip far north and hit his park.

  4. fuck yes. up the DIY kids. Derek Nelson is on a whole new level of craft. it'd be fun to live in a city designed and built by him.

    nice to see the film concluded w/ a true ode to Tom Waits. dfntly one of my favorite artists. south san diego, represent!