Friday, August 13, 2010

Mike Schmitt's Yo Mang Bike Check

frame: Grime Yo Mang! prototype

fork: NS RNS2

bars: Animal Bob 3.0 cut

stem: Animal Jump Off stem

headset: Animal Integrated

front wheel: Sun MTX33 to Shadow Raptor Hub

rear wheel: Sun MTX33 to Velocity Hub with 13t cog.

cranks: We The People Pro 165mm

pedals: Animal Hamilton PC

foot retention: Grime Prototype by Burro

sprocket: Tree Lite 33t

chain: KMC ½ Link

seat & post: Animal

side notes: Left side drive held on with epoxy, Scrap powder powder coat on bars fork and cranks, 3/8 to 14mm spacer on front bolt for pegless fun,


What parts do you destroy the most?

Straps. I guess I fall weird.

Whats the weight of your bike? Do you care?

26.5lbs. Hell no.

So you are riding pegless now? What’s good?

Yeah, I destroyed the bearings on my old Miche hub beyond repair. So Chari & Co hooked me up with a temporary Velocity Hub. It has a hollow axel so I don’t plan on riding pegs on it. I figured while I am filming right now

Word on the street is that you have a 9T driver option up your sleeves?

Yeah. I have the fixed 9t hub in my possession right now, but it has a 14mm axel and I am waiting till my next frame with 14mm dropouts.

One word for the Grime?



  1. i get at least one email a day asking what mike and eds parts list looks like. thank the lord i can just send them here and scratch my nuts instead.

  2. the front is a geax....the rear is a khe. stoked on the 9t driver mike, as well as the grime burros, im in need of both

  3. "Whats the weight of your bike? Do you care?

    26.5lbs. Hell no."

    love it.

  4. Fixed 9th? Has that been done? Seems like that would fail, or wear out really quickly. Seems like a lot of stress to put on 4-5 teeth.

  5. Are they Scerbo bars with only the top/cross bar kept?