Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Elevated Engineering: Miles Mathia - Volume 2

I dont know how i missed this. I sort of feel like i saw parts of it, but was on the go, but it doesn't matter because now its here! There is a lot of sick lines in here, the nose stuff gets me real stoked, in particular. Although some of them are relatively short, they look way styled out and comfy. The tree 180, 8 stair and street cruising all make for a laxed out edit with tons of flavor.

Miles called me up today and we discussed the idea of him coming to NYC to shred and film. Hopefully he follows through with snagging the tickets up here because everyone who comes to NYC leaves with some new riding up their sleeves. Miles is still young so he has more potential than most, to grow and kill shit. Keep shredding cuzz.

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  1. I smell blood. blood fam's next member that is!