Thursday, July 15, 2010

Double Rubber Inspirational (Video Edition)

Andrew Jackson is definitely a shredder. From what ive read he does a lot of filming for different projects so he isn't in the media as much as he is behind the scenes, but the dude rips. A peg less rep fro sure.

I will have to agree that this is one of the better Stranger Grassoots joints that iv'e seen. That fluid pure pegless wreckage.

This edit is sick. A lot of the dudes in here were riding at the RVA Jam in Richmond. Thrashin, wrecking, laughing and riding. This edit almost completely sums up WRAHWs interests.

The editing, riding, and tunes make this edit one of the sickest joints that I have seen in a while. I viewed it months ago and came back to it recently with pure stoke. All of this was filmed with a VX but because of the filming style and color settings, this edit stomps on a lot HD bull. This song sticks with me. On a side note, Josh Boothby aka Squeeks has the first couple of clips in here.
Gutter gully!

Sometimes shit takes a while. Insane!

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