Friday, June 4, 2010

Double Rubber Inspirational

The well has been pretty dry for the last month or so, so I sat on the construction of this post for a good while. I guess people are working on edits and traveling a lot, so there is no time for photo material, ahaa. I did find some solid stuff though eventually.

Super Ted with the true toboggan. Shot by Ian Sansom

This photo is sick. John did a real good job with snagging Toms floatation abilities. After Toms few gnarly hops that surfaced on the web, a contagious disease started overtaking everyone. The tucked hops are attempting to take over, but no one is holding it down like my boy.

This dude Miles Mathia is 17 and he has some interesting stuff coming out of Jacksonville. This curb gab (i think) to nosie is pretty dope.

This table is insane if you think about it, super flatted. Gus is a good dude, and its going be gnarly to meet him soon.

I was lurking flickr and came across this jewel. The composition of this photo is illin, and when I saw Mr Holdfast himself busting this sick ass nose jam, I freaked a lil bit. Nice digs my man!

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