Saturday, June 12, 2010

Double Rubber Inspirational (Video Edition)

The whole Loser Machine thing is sort of weird, but Jon Peacy always slays. Gap to pegless tooth, yep!

Tony Cardona with some sick pegless gnar. I hadnt seen to much stuff from this dude before this edit, but into it.

This dude Eric Holliday kills it for FBM. Staying in Richmond for a lil while during RVA has given me insight as to where a lot of these spots in this edit are. This dude shreds hard. The whole edit kept me interested.

Tons of weirdo lines and such, but you know that Im totally into that. Haha. The intro clips is sick, that Tate Roskelly looking joint, without a peg? He also does feeble to smith edger which I couldn't help but get stoked on, because i did it in my Revival part, hahaaa. Solid.

Skapegoats always rule. This one has everyone that you could ask for, pretty much, and more. So much insanity!


  1. eric holliday- INSANNNNEEEE

  2. Do you ride bmx? If no You should its too fun not too!

  3. my fixed gear is alllll i need

  4. Tony C. another Austin, Texas pro baby. go watch the empire videos you'll love it. dylan smith destroys