Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WRAHW Toronto Trip Day 2/Close

Blueberry pannies 

Downtown Toronto fame

Toronto Times Square?

Briggs killed it on my GOrilla and he will have his own real soon.

Such a scary setup

Tom going to meet the witches 

We went to these crazy cliffs out in the burbs with the girls that we stayed with.  It was scary, and not to mention that Tom was adding to the weirdness by yelling that he saw shit.

Overall I had such a good time.  There are so many spots, we didn't get to half of them.  Its nuts.  Thanks to everyone who came out and rode with us.  Briggs and Blayne, thanks for the long wait on the last night, I wouldn't have snagged that clip otherwise.  Tom, I know that you had fun (wink).  Thanks for being my driving buddy I will be down to Philly asap to chill with you DELCO boys. 

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