Sunday, May 30, 2010

Villin Freestyle Frame

This is there 2 prototype i think, but I am actually feeling this frame a good bit. It looks sort of odd, but not too awkward. It has the look of an oversized bmx for sure. Is the BB higher than the axels? More photos here.

Miles Mathia is Villins sponsored rider. Here is his new edit. It has some cool lil deals in there. Its funny, i wasn just wandering what happened to this dude, a few days ago, and boom. A new edit. Keep riding and fucking try to break your frame my man! Nice.

I saw the video on Prolly first.


  1. that frame looks mad rad

  2. ill frame, light and aggressive geo. Questionable forks though. good edit too

  3. just thought i would add -- the fork that broke was not a villin fork, it was just a cheap generic mtb fork. the fork on the new bike is from villin though