Monday, May 24, 2010

Fivezers With Gus Molina

Top 5 things about the west coast?

The beach

Mexican food


Girls haha


What are your top 5 favorite bands?


La dispute

Pissed jeans

Album leaf

The sword

What are 5 foods?

Anything from my local Mexican joint Adalbertos!

My mom’s French toast even though she only makes it every blue moon now a days.

Tofu tacos that my friend Dave and his lady Tara make, you cant tell the difference between tofu meat and the real stuff its that good.

OATMEAL COOKIES from McDonald’s for some reason they are the best.


Who are 5 BMX riders that inspire you to kill it?

Van Homan

Taj Michelic

Ruben Alacantra

Garrett Reynolds

Sean Burns

Name 5 favorite of your favorite TV shows growing up.

Oh man, I used to always watch “I love Lucy” with my dad so that’s up there.

Gilligan’s Island, Ginger was a babe haha

Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles!

Dinosaurs, I wish I could find the DVDs for that show the little baby one in it was a crack up.

Boy meets world, Cory Mathews was the man, & Topanga was a babe as well

What are 5 tricks that you want to have on lock?


180 bars

Nose manuals

Hang fives

And I really want to start trying truck drivers.

What are 5 things that you do when you aren’t riding?

Chillen at my buddy’s shop

Sadly I'm starting to get really into Call Of Duty: modern warfare 2 haha

Painting, drawing, doing graphics or putting the zine together.

Hanging out causing trouble.

Driving around town honking at people as they’re walking and just waving to them, or telling them there shoes are untied.

What are 5 reasons to ride fixed gear freestyle?

Gets you the babe’s haha naw not really.

Get funny looks at skate parks.

It’s something new to try.

Feel accomplished when you land shit.

To have a good time riding a bike PERIOD.

All photos by Dave Beard.

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  1. truck drivers? fixed gear is on another level now!