Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Congo Airen For Volume & Lingo

Congo is all over right now, hahaaa. This is a photo of him, shot by Matt Lingo, blasting out of this bank for a Volume ad? This is so sick!

I usually cant get into all the crazy photoshop stuff that relates the shots back to futuristic comics, but Matt's new stuff has been killing, for sure.

I saw this first on PINP.


  1. haha you're just lucky my new photoshop won't let me use my crazy futuristic comic filter or all my pictures would have it! i've been trying to tone down on that stuff since it doesn't look good in magazines, i'm trying to clean up my photoshop.

  2. Huge! And Congos a big dude I wouldn't wanna get caught under that blast or you'll die