Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Double Rubber Inspirational

Super Ted squatting on the pink lady with the no footed endo, captured by 14 Bike Co

YSO with the way tweaked bunny over this five flat 3!  This shot by Tamori is too solid!

Man, Gus totally surprises me with new shit pretty much everytime i see content about him.  When I saw this i went way wild.  Chargin with the high toothy on this electrical box.  
Snagged by David Beard

Garrett Reeves is definitely one my favorite bmx riders out there.  Its seems like he came out of no where and just killed everything.  This crank arm slide is huge and you can get a taste of the footage in the new OSS trailer.  Brooklyn local Scott Marceau of Push It A Stop, shot this in Austin.

Tom is getting loose in this joint.  Pole roll to blast, insane!  I know he can 180 this shit too.  There is some new stuff coming from Tom real soon, so stay scalped.

Oscar is ridiculous, floating way high.  I would really like to see a full part come from him.  
Fixedgearlondon, keeping it snagged.

DJ with the table on the bank, haha.  Nice.  Check out the hippie headband getup with the semi psychedelic text on the ramp.  Crazy.


  1. The red "BMW" - YSO (Fish & Chips)

  2. THANKS myman cogwei&hfwido.

    my bike is Brooklyn Machine Works ''Launch Pad''.

    but I have broken it!!


    YASUO a.k.a.YSO(Fish&Chips CRU)