Tuesday, March 2, 2010

WRAHW Vamp Glider T

A shot of the one off crew neck that I made.

Kareem rocking the Vamp Glider T at the DP2 premier 
Photo by Sean McCormack

These bad boys come with white ink on black Fruit Of The Loom 50/50 Best Ts.  The graphic is hand, and comes in sizes S, M, L.  Email me if you want anything bigger than that, and I will make it happen.  Purchase them here.


  1. dude! any chance of another black crewneck? crewnecks are where its at

  2. Yeah anymore crewnecks? I'd be down to buy one.

  3. No Crew-necks. I just made one with an old Carhartt. Ts only for now. Sorry dudes.

  4. these t's are gnarly man...you should ship to Canada:(