Sunday, March 7, 2010

Antonyo's BONEZONE At 4Seasons?

This edit of him that Sam put together shows some serious shit. I dont know why there were no comments on this edit, when I went to view it (after it already had soo many views). This is definitely some of the sickest, most controlled riding that I have ever seen. Definitely the strongest fixed park riding that i have layed eyes on. This park looks sick too. I wish I had something close to me like this... i think. Ha. So sick Antonyo.  

There is a WRAHW exclusive edit in the works with Antonyo soon. I cant wait to see him shred street apart!

Seen first at Lockedcog


  1. woah. those are the cleanest footjams ive seen fixed.

  2. When will someone attempt the fixed back or front flip?

  3. supposedly they have already been done, but no one has dropped them on the web yet...