Monday, March 22, 2010

An Anomalistically Grimey Weekend, Or Two

Mike Schmitt came up from Virginia two and a half weeks ago and just left last night.  During this past week we spent a day at the Animal warehouse in New Jersey talking with them about some new goods, and shredding their warehouse ramps.  That place is insane! While Mike was here we all put our selves on the line for the next Grime edit.  This ladies going to be way sick.  Mike definitely stepped up to the plate and delivered some gnarly substance, and Wonka went in as well, of course.  Here are some photos from the whole shenanigans. 

Hiden from the wind, but shooten breezes

New York has a fine ass

Chinatown skatepark lines

Chari exclusives 

Animal warehouse ramp sesh

You know how Mike and Ed do


I threw this old orange up in the air, and it go stabbed by a vert branch and never came down.

Murder B came through on a 12hour train ride from Choc town, haha I never use that term

Wonka put in work and got broke off some 

Mike dropped jaws all around.  


  1. Fuck yeah! Do you know how much longer the banks are gonna be open?

  2. Nope, but who cares, haha. Ride em if they are there, and if they aren't, get out in the streets. So many kids just hang at the banks and dont really explore the city and its gnar. NYC is insane!

    They should be up for a while though.

  3. is wonkas front wheel crookded

  4. it looks like thats just because of the angle the bike is leaning and such

  5. hahaa I love the progression of shots with a blunt, then goofing off, then eating shit.

  6. I LOVE WONKA-jhfsfakljecklajeckeajklem1k3alkjckled1nhlajclwkejlak;jcwela;kjalccewajkl