Friday, February 26, 2010

Mike's Dreamin Geometries

Im chilling at Mike's house in Virginia, for River City Trick Jam weekend, and he showed me this rough draft of which direction he thinks FGFS geometry should move towards. He hopes that it will allow proper grinds, good stand over height, and dual 26'' wheels. The image looks sort of sick to be honest. Id thicken the stays, raise my saddle a tad bit, and boom. Crazy.

"Do any of you guys find yourself drawing frame shapes and geos out? I wish I could custom-make my own frame to be a perfect mix between track angles and 26″ BMX. I made this mock-up just now for fun. Does anyone else have a dream geo or bike design? I would love to see bikes with higher BB for less pedal strike and the ability to run dual pegs without hitting the cranks and bb.

The fork would be like 395mm A2C, chainstay 405mm, toptube 575mm, standover 765mm, fork rake 28mm, fits 26″ x 2.5 tires, mid BB, HTA 75, STA 70 to change this to fit 700c I would make the fork 410mm A2C and chainstays 415mm. All of these numbers and angles are pretty rough but it would be awesome to see FGFS bikes go in this direction. Also, I would love to see track cranks and drivetrains 100% out of the picture."

Quote seen at Heavy Pedal


  1. im on board for losing the track drivetrains, but im not sure im down for the slammed saddle w/ the raised BB... looks like there'd be zero leg extension and your knees would go up higher than your hands. but, if that weren't the case somehow, fuck it, im in.

  2. So what you would end up with is like a 29er park mountain bike with skinny tires? I'm sure you could make that now. Just build a Surly karate monkey up with their flip flop hub. I think the limitations of some of the track-ish designs are what makes it so much fun. You have to apply some constraints.

  3. track cranks are rad

  4. not sure about the raised BB it change the center of gravity of the frame I should also give more angle on the head tube to have bigger trail

  5. yup the BB is the issue thats gonna kill that geo. the bb drop gives stability. just make 400a2c ditch forks to get the peg lower lol