Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Slit Sick, Laid Back

Its been sort of slow lately.  Winter gets like that though.  My throat feels like fire and cuts, so I am chillen in m girlfriends bed, skipping out on training.  Ha.  Midwest Mayhem is coming up and I am real stoked.  I think that shit is really going to go off, and not to mention this is the first time that A lot of us are meeting each other in real life.  Fuck comps, to be honest.  I have never liked competing, ever.  It is stressful showy shit (who has the biggest cock hole).  I am going to go nuts just because my friends are there, though.  People better bring their documentation tools, everyone is going to rip.

Heres A dope Steven Hamilton edit that I forgot to post.

The new Bone Deth joint will be out soon, aswell as a new trailer.  This is their old one.

For those of you that were sleeping on my boy A.J.  Here is A reyup on his interview.

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