Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rippin The Metal

I am not into the whole new years resolution deal, I sort of look at all years as bleeding into the next without breaks, and I just do what Im going to do, new year or not. Although, I know that very soon I will be going in on some handrails. The gnar will be brought by a good group of people sooner than we think. The rope is raised and the stoke is on.

Here are a phew of the only rail grinds done on fixed gears. Mike did the same rail as Jesse, but I enjoy the pedal feeble more than the pedal ice grind.

Jesse Hilliards does a feeble pedal grind on this flat rail in Boston, i think thats where its at. A little sketch on the landing but still pretty sick, to say the least. Supposedly he landed this after getting a flat, too.

Here is Wonka's grind. I don't really know what to call it saying as it so ambiguous. He goes from not being on the peg, to sitting on it, so.. I was here when this went down, and I have to say that it was one of the most buck things that i have seen on one of these bikes. The rail is fairly high, for any bike, and its long. Sick!

If you have photos or videos of any other fixed gear riders doing rails, shoot them over this way, or link them up in the comments.


  1. the Jesse Hillard rail is in Minneapolis not Boston.
    -Sam from Trick Track

  2. Thanks dude. A bmxer in NYC told me it was in Boston, hahaa.