Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Murky Midwest

Man.  Never have I had so much fun on my bike, ever.  I mean, there have been times that are very comparable to this, such as when everyone came to NYC for The Revival deal, but still, it was not the same.  Milwaukee was wet and cold, but that didnt stop shit!  So many riders came out to Mayhem, people that i had never even heard of before, and the majority of them ripped hard.  At first there seemed to be too many people on the ramps at once and it reminded me of a fucking roller rink where you cant really get too nuts without running into someone.  Also, the snow and rain made the floors wet in some areas of the park which caused people to involuntarily play slip and slide on the ground.  Painful for some, but after everything was dried up and some people cleared off the ramps, things began to heat up!

  There was this kid, Murder B, and he just charged at everything and threw himself around hard.  He was riding in combat boots and went nuts on a stock Steamroller!  He won a MKE and some chukkers for being so nuts.  I dug it!  There was also this local dude named Antonyo that would rip around the park with full control and style.  He 180 barspun the stair set, and busted a sick foot jam on the deck of this quarter and hopped back in.  Ridiculous.  I had never seen that before.  There was of course all of the usuals throwing down, Tom blasting all around the course with style, busting out sick nosies and airs all over, and not to mention his huge 3.  Eric and A.J. the Texan bros, bustin out as usual, A.J. doing all sort of airs on the quarter to wallride, including a 180 tuck no hander!  Insane. Kris, from Lockedcog was doing weird lines and no footers, and grinds all over.  He is one of the only tall dudes that makes things look nice on these rides.  He is super nice and humble seeming.  I like that.  Gnarly to met you Kris!  Rob Myers was doing some crazy gap to fast plant over the C ledge, I flipped out when I saw that.  Tayler Dweight, busted up the whole spot, attempting to 540 on many of the quarters, and slangin 180 bars on one of the gnarliest trannys in the spot!  

Sean Milnes wheelied the handrail down the stairs, what the fuck!  I missed it, because Sean was in my heat, but damn.  I sure as hell believe it.  I remember being stoked on his nose bonk from his last weby.

But, then, out of the woodwork came Mike Schmitt.  He's a 20 yo shredder from Virginia, riding fro Burro, RVA.  I knew that he would turn a some heads, but damn, he was doing some nutty shit.  I think that not too many people really knew that he would charge the spot like he did, so they missed some of his mad wacky shit.  He bombed around the course and shot up this quarter to wall ride and attempted to do a pedal slide down the vert of the wall and back into the 1/4.  He didn't land this joint, but if you would have seen how gnarly it was to even try, you would have shook his hand for just that.  Mike's bike got a flat during his run, while he was trying this crazy feeble tire slide deal on the wall ride ramp, thing.  He had been rocking my GOrilla earlier that night so he ran over and hopped on ol girl to finish his run and wound up ending it with a gnarly acid drop out of the rafters!  He told me that he was going to do it earlier in the night, and I told him that I would give him a dollar for just trying it.  He landed it first try!  Oh, did I mention that his thumb is broken with stitches in it, and he still held it down.   I gave him a dollar.  Everyone was stoked.  After his performance that night, I made the decision to add him to the official WRAHW family.  So sick, this kid.  

Wonka is my boy, so I knew that he would throw down.  His lines were smooth, and he landed pretty much everything that he tried.  Although, he did surprise me with the wall ride.  That shit was beast!  He told me about it, and I was like "sick man, do it", and I was waiting for it, the whole run.  After he went for it though, i knew he would land it, and even still, my mouth was hanging once he rolled out.  It was huge!   You dont understand, even for BMX, it was big, and to all those who say otherwise, you weren't there probably.

I loved seeing how fast some of these kids were going.  At WRAHW, thats a big part of what we represent, fast gnar shred life!  People were flowing too, no pussy shit.  It surprised me.  I am still a lil dazed from how good everything turned out...  There is a lot that I am leaving out, but these are the things that made me really realize that we have a solid thing going on here.  I am really satisfied with a lot of the riding that I saw, really.  I had strept throat so my voice was lost before the comp, even, but I still managed to yell at you shits.  Everyone went off.  Thanks so much, all the sponsors, friends, new friends.  I had one of the best times of my life.  No one will understand unless they were there.  It will go down again.  History was just made.  Indeed.


 IRAK all day?

Lil Andy

Rob, A.J., and Mosher frienden it up

grubbin, and Lil Andy

Tom is a sweet heart 

A.J. was reppin his state hard

Mike Schmitt

Schmitt's fucked setup

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