Friday, January 29, 2010

Death Pedal 2 Trailer

The time has come. I would suggest to you, get this DVD. The trailer uses clips that are only sort of gnar but, seriously, you have no idea. Kareem is sneaking up on ya cuzz. Go to the new site and pre order this now. You will be so dissapointed if you dont own this, hahaa.

The shirts look insane Kareem!


  1. Sooo f*cking brutal! So far my favorite fixed film trailer to date. Watched it about 15 times now and still gives me the hypes. Kareem was tellin' me that there's even sicker footage exclusively for the full-length. Can't wait to see it.

    Diggin' the WRAHW blog, by the way.

    Keep thrashin'.

  2. Thanks for the good words man, for sure!