Thursday, December 24, 2009

WRAHW Interview: A.J. Austin

Photo By Andrew Stevens
Whats your full name, your age, and where are you from/living?
Stephen F. (AJ) Austin, 23, born in Jersey (only Austin born outside of Texas since we founded it), grew up in College Station, TX just moved to San Marcos, TX

How long have you been riding freestyle fixed, and what introduced you to this whole deal? 
I’ve been doing freestyle for about a year and half. My friend Jesse Gordon got myself and all the Raven Feeders into riding fixed and since he was more about tricks than going fast we all naturally got into it.

What was the first fixed video/edit that you viewed, that just blew your mind? 
Right as I started riding I saw Keo’s edit and the “Slow Sunday” edit, I remember it took awhile for me to even comprehend it all.

Do you have any specific interests in terms of a specific style of riding within the sport, or do you think that much about it all?
As far as my style I really wanna go bigger and get more fluid. I’ve been working on doing everything the opposite direction to help with flow at skate parks and such. Plus nose manuels everywhere! DP2 = Nose Manuel Kareem’s Mom.

Photo by Danny Garcia

What are some things that you would like to see more of, within the sport, whether it be riding or non riding specific?
I don’t like seeing people “bite” tricks, not saying tricks are a riders personal property (cause they are all BMX anyway) but incorporate it into your own thing. 180 barspins, wheelie 180’s, barhops, etc. don’t make you automatically amazing, being solid, having flow, and pushing your own limits is more impressive. (this goes for myself to)

How do you feel about the current state of freestyle fixed, and do you feel that it is moving in a direction that fosters growth?
I think we need to support fixed specific companies like MKE, All City, etc and not get commerical (should that day ever come). Also FSFX needs to maintain positive attitudes and encouragement among riders, Keep it all about fun and pushing your own limits and it'll keep growing. 

You are in school right? How is that, and what do you study?
I’m at Texas State University, I’m a History/Education major. It’s been alright, It’s hurt my riding a bit, I’ve been really busy and I miss the scene back home. Progression comes faster when you got friends to get hurt with.

What tunes are you listening to at the moment, and generally what do you listen to?
Lately: Raw Power, Sleep, Muhammad Ali, Mammoth Grinder, Sonic Youth and the Sufjan Stevens Christmas record. 
Generally: power violence, 80-90’s Hardcore, Screw, Indie

What are you stoked on, outside of riding?

Music, Family, History, Writing, Road Trips!

How is filming for Death Pedal 2 going? Kareem sounds stoked whenever I talk to him about you dudes in the south holding it down.
It went well, I’ve was sick and rolled my ankle during his last trip but I’m cool with most of what he got. I think I’ll have more B-footage of me being a drunken mess than anything. Puckett’s spot kills though.

Shot by Christopher Lee
Are you involved with any other projects at the moment? 
We’ve been talking about this DVD idea call “Stick Yer Neck Out” for almost 8 months, the idea has changed from a Texas film to a props mega tour kind of thing. We’ll just have to see. Are we still doing a Summer trip?

Haha.  Props is sick for sure.  So, how does it feel to be one of the newest members to join MKE?
I was really surprised and thankful when they asked me to ride. I’ve been holding stuff back cause of DP2 filming but I’ll start putting new stuff out soon for MKE. Really excited about the new bruiser and products they got coming down the line

On that same note, who are your current sponsors or supporters?

MKE, Feetbelts, Desired Hearts, Texas.

Do you have any lasts words or shout outs that you would like to throw in the mix?
Thanks Jesse Gordon, Elliot, Puckett, Peru, Denton crew, Dan Cakes, prolly, drew at MKE, and be on the look out for Jeff Puckett…

Thanks A.J., be good.


  1. Hahahaaa.

    Thanks for the comments dudes.

  2. What does supporting a fixed specific company have anything to do with not getting commercial?

    Companies still exist to make money (i.e. commercial), whether their particular line of business coincides with your niche interests or not.

    I'd argue it's already getting commercial.