Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Revival Premiere: New York City

I had sooo much fun this past weekend. So many of my buds came out to NYC to view The Revival, and I guess it got a lot of people juiced (I'm guilty of this), because shit went off! Old man winter couldn't stop shit! The energy and good vibes were definitely apparent, causing mayhem and wildness all over! Such a good time! I thank everyone who came out to this. Those who missed out, don't let it happen again! We need more real associations with one another, fuck that internet shit, hahaa.

Everyone killed it in this, but Tom's nosie line had to be one of my favorites for sure. Solid!

I think that this edit definitely stands as one of the better overall joints that has come out so far. It shows the character of the riders so well, and not to mention the riding in itself. Briggsy, good job man.


  1. Thanks Torey! I'm glad you dug it!

  2. I thought the Kant Bff video was killer, but this shit was so brutal... seriously everyone killed it to the max! Haha

    I'm gunna be in NYC in Feb, if your around we should ride!

  3. crazy dope vid.