Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Teppei Iwabuchi AKA Nasty

Bump to tire tap?
Shot by kr!$+@1k?

Hop Bar
Shot By BOB Woods 

This video was shot a year ago, and, its of Nasty doing a line which was beyond insane at the time, while also blasting a nice fakie hop down a 3. A trick which is still almost completely untouchable by majority of the riders out there.

Air (tucked and stashed)
Shot by BOB Woods 

I had intended to do a full interview with Nasty, but due to a lack of communication, this will have to do for now. This dude is definitely one of the top riders of our sport. If you pay attention to the Shiba Friday edits that pop up on the web, Nasty usually has at least one unbelievably thrashy line that will keep you thinking for a bit. From what i have seen he has done some tricks that are untouchably skillful , some being really innovative. I think that his sponsors are Fuji, Vans, and W-Base, so he is definitely being noticed by many others for his shredding. I am pretty sure that Nasty has won tons of events as well, placing first in SHIOKAZE '09.  Crazy!  You will hear more about him in the near future for sure.

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  1. hehe, sua bike é estranha, mas você anda legal...