Monday, November 23, 2009

Rail Ride Rant

Wonka and I were having a conversation about rail rides on fixed gears. I personally think that it's a gnarly direction to move towards, scary, but gnarly. Within every trick is an easy way out, of course, so if you do a low flat rail, its not as scary as a down rail that is almost the same height, even. What's a crazy thought is finding a down rail that is maybe a few inches above knee level, and hopping on that bad girl. There is so much that can go wrong, but, after the process (or if you land it first try) think about how sick of a trick that would be!

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At 2:26 you can see Issac Barnes, of S&M, do a rail hop to rail ride to rail hop. So sick!

Last but totally not least is this amateur dude, David Grant. He puts out tons of web edits that wind up on the Come Up, all of which are super dope. This first edit is his newest joint that just showed up today, but the following edit is a little older, each housing some serious rail riding! The kid kills it.

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