Sunday, November 29, 2009

k@nt! 09 HAMAbike

John says that this was their BFF edit, so i will just go with he flow on that one, for I have no other info to go by. Besides that, this is the sickest edit that I have seen show up on the web! The one dude on the Durcus 1 does some nice chainring grinds. I really enjoyed the rainbow one. Nasty does numerous killer lines in this including a clean 180 bar to full cab. One clip that made me yell out in my girlfriends room was the crank spin hop to bar off the ledge. He set his feet up by doing that so the he didn't have to pedal set, insane! Id never seen that before, not to mention the bar was super clean! Nasty is definitely my new favorite rider, and down. His style and trick vocabulary is ridiculous. What the fuck was that nose pivot slider to walk the dog joint, down the set, sooo sick! The spots in here were amazing too.



  1. do you know what bike he is riding?
    like is there a bike check somewhere?
    it looks like it might be w-base but that might be a sticker.
    he's definitely ill.

  2. I totally agree Tori! I feel like this is the best edit I've ever seen. Both of these sections are better than 90% of riders sections in full DVDs. They are so KILLER!!

    And to the other comment, I'm pretty sure Nasty Rides a Fuji Track frame, with a w-base fork?