Friday, November 6, 2009

Double Rubber Inspirational

This is an old photo of Sam Miller doing a rail rode rail ride, and though it seems simple, i doubt that its an easy task to follow out.  I really enjoy the creativity of this.  I sort of would like to see it done fast and on higher obstacles, but thats a scary thought, well, at least for me.

Taylor Dwight, air over can, found on Gnarcotix

Marco, wall ride 
Shot by Tiger Fixie

Kris of lockedcog, busting a high air to fakie, its tucked for sure!

Wonka busting a HUGE wallride transfer on the janky ass quarter pipe setup under the BQE!   Check out Death Pedal 2 for the footage.  So gnarly!

Bunny table top!? 
 Shot by Leo Furmansky  

A.J. Austin, hop bar to fakie
Shot by Chris Topher


  1. haha where did you find that pictures of barclay doing a table?? i watched that fool taco a back wheel back in january trying to do one

  2. i cruise the webs man, hahaaa! Its nice aye!?