Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A.J. Austin is now on Milwaukee

Supposedly, A.J. Austin is now riding for Milwaukee.  Awesome!  A.J. posted the statement on facebook, so i am assuming that he is serious.  I was just having a conversation about a week ago about people who are ripping and not really being noticed, and well, A.J. was one of the main names that popped up.  He has been reppin on his MKE for a while now, so it will be a nice transition for him probably.

Just for reference, this is that awesome edit of him and Puckett.

A.J. will have an interview up on here very soon, for we have had the idea in the works for a while now.  Good job man, im stoked for future things to come.


  1. haha thanks man, thanks for picking the worst picture of me ever also.

  2. of course, what would you expect, hahaaa.