Friday, August 7, 2009

Steven Hamilton, all day represent!

Steven Hamilton is my new favorite BMX rider.  Of course i have about five favorites, for different reasons, but he has just moved in and slung someone to sixth spot, if not out of the house completely.  His sense of creativity inspires me more than any other rider that ive seen, right now.  His older sections remind me of Sean Burns' (one of the top shredders on my list) riding, and on Steven Hamilton's blog, he actually interviewed Sen Burns.  Interesting.  

Besides his riding, Hamilton seems to be a weird dude.  His edits definitely show his odd, creative side.  They are sort of on the border of some acid dropping space age replication.  Ha.  I am just as sober as a 12 year old straight jacket kid next door, but I enjoy Steven Hamilton's edits, thoroughly.  

It turns out that I liked his riding before I even new who he was. I posted a photo of him doing a weird double tire slide a while back, and guess what, Steven was the one busting that bad boy out!

I am definitely stoked to see his new Animal part, dudes a legend!

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  1. that first video is nuts. technical and balls out. proof that sometimes slow is the way to do a trick, but sometimes you just have to get flying and do a ridiculously long jump.